How To Use Indifference To Get More Clients

One of the most important hacks that I learned when it comes to getting projects in Freelancing is this...

"Indifference is one of the biggest weapons to close deals."

What is indifference by the way?

According to our good friend, Google...

Indifference is "lack of interest, concern or sympathy."

Not a good word when talking about the welfare of the people around you.

But trust me, it's a huge word when talking about Freelancing.

If you want to improve your chances of landing a job, then you need to be more indifferent.

Now, what do I mean by that?

Am I saying that you should lack concern to your projects or to your clients?

Am I telling you to lose sympathy to their needs?

Am I giving advice on how to be the worst prick in the Freelancing arena?


What I am saying is that you should not be "needy" and "desperate" just to get the job.

Let's face it.

Most of us are acting like every project is the last project in the world. Thus, we do everything just to get it.

We butter up the clients.

We try to be overly courteous -- that is borderline to bowing our heads to them.

We lower down our price. $1 per hour. *cough. cough*

Every action speaks of our desperation.

Here's my take on this matter...

If you want to get more projects, then learn to be indifferent.

If the client doesn't want to work with you because of your price, or your way of talking like his equal, then fine. Move on. He's not worth your dime and time.

And if he chose to work with you in spite of your high-ticket price for your services and your adamant stand to talk as his equal, then great.

Here's what I usually do...

If the client is on the fence because of my pricing, then I say the following line.

"You know what, treat me as your last option. If you'll see another Freelancer, who will offer you a lower price then go with him. Thank you."

That's it.

But that is where the magic happens.

90% of the time, the client will pick me.

It's still a mystery to me, but it works. I hope it will work for your too.

About the Author Rom Rulida

Rom Rulida is a CPA, University professor, and an aspiring motivational speaker. He is the founder of Team Infopreneur, a website that aims to help individuals to leverage their knowledge and information in order to create a lifestyle that is truly rewarding. He believes that the best way to succeed is through continuous personal development and growth. He loves to read and to share what he learns through his blogs. Rom’s vision is to help every person that he meets to become the best version of themselves by discovering their purpose and unleashing their potentials.

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